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Problems We Treat

Perth Foot Centre treats all podiatry problems

Treat Foot Pain Through a Specialist Podiatrist

Foot pain is not normal and requires attention by a specialist podiatrist. Dr Azarian is a specialist Perth podiatrist and foot surgeon which enables her to offer a wider range of treatments compared to a general podiatry clinic or a general podiatrist.

Referrals are NOT required for services by our specialist podiatrist for foot surgery or general podiatry care. Call for a consultation today!

Most Commonly Treated Foot Problems

For more information on each type of foot problem click on the links below.

  • Bunion / Hallux Valgus – Hard bump at the side of the big toe joint. Dr Azarian is a specialist bunion surgeon (Podiatric Surgeon) who commonly performs bunion surgery in Perth WA. The bunion surgery techniques used by Dr Mina Azarian allow immediate weight bearing after bunion surgery. See our blog on Minimally Invasive Technique MIT for bunion surgery. Podiatrists Perth Expert Foot Surgeon
  • Hammer Toe / Claw toe – Toes that are bent and appear retracted. Get renowned hammer toe surgery from our podiatry Perth expert.
  • Ingrown toenail – Sharp edge of nail digging into the skin causing pain and infection. As a specialist podiatrist Dr Azarian performs gentle ingrown toenail surgery.
  • Morton’s Neuroma / Nerve Impingement – Numbness and shooting pain into the toes with feelings of a pebble under the ball of the foot. Find more information on neuroma here.
  • Flat feet / Pes Planus – Fallen arches, rolling in causing tired and achy feet as well as sore knees, hips or lower back in some cases. Treatment for flat feet with orthopedic inserts such as orthotics is carried out by our specialist podiatrist.
  • Heel pain / Plantar Fasciitis – Pain under or around the heel can be worst in the morning. Dr Azarian is an experienced Perth Podiatrist who treats heel pain conservatively and surgically in severe chronic cases.
  • Arthritis in big toe joint / Hallux rigidus or limitus – Stiff, painful and enlarged big toe joint. Joint clean up in big toe joint and other foot surgery procedures may be required to increase joint range of motion.
  • Plantar warts / Verruca – Contagious viral infection of the skin. Conservative treatment of warts as well as wart removal surgery is offered by Perth Foot Centre. As a specialist podiatrist and foot surgeon, Dr Azarian can surgically remove warts / verruca from feet in her rooms or in hospital as a day case surgery.Ingrown Toenail Surgery
  • Children’s foot and lower leg problems – Sever’s Disease (heel pain), knee pain, ingrown toenails, warts, flat feet, pigeon toes, bow legs, knock knees are all treatable in our clinic.
  • Revision foot surgery – Correcting failed foot surgery, failed bunion surgery, failed toe surgery and failed neuroma surgery. We can correct problems after a previous foot operation.

Other Foot and Ankle Problems We Treat

We treat the following foot and ankle problems in our podiatrist clinic:

  • Achilles tendonitis – Achilles pain at the back of the heel or heel spur
  • Aching feet – There are many causes and a visit to our podiatrist will help in the accurate diagnosis of your foot problem
  • Accessory bones – Hard bumps and lumps on feet
  •  Info on aging feetMortons Neuroma Treatment
  •  Foot Arthritis Info
  • Ankle pain
  • Ankle Sprains & Strains and Fractures
  • Cancers Of The Foot
  • Chilblains – Redness, itching and pain in the toes with cold weather and changes in temperature
  • Children’s Foot Problems – Can include flat feet, warts, ingrown toenails, heel pain, knee pain, Growing Pains, Back to school
  • Clubfoot – Clubfoot is a deformity in which an infant’s foot is turned inward, often so severely that the bottom of the foot faces sideways or even upward.
  • Corns, Calluses & Blisters – Dry or thickened skin. Corns and callous are common, and can be due to foot deformities such as bunions or toe deformities such as hammer / claw toes. Dr Mina Azarian is a Perth Podiatric surgeon (specialist podiatrist) who can perform bunion or toe surgery to straighten toes and prevent excessive friction in shoes.
  • Cycling Foot problems
  • Cysts on the foot
  • Diabetic High Risk Feet – Numbness, burning, blood flow problems, skin and nail problems. Diabetic assessments and advice on orthopedic shoes. Amputations
  • Falls Prevention
  • Footwear advice – school shoes, work shoes, sport shoes, children’s shoes, orthopedic shoes. What are the best shoes? ask our specialist podiatrist who can assess your feet and provide personal advice on footwear.
  • Foot Pain – Pain in feet is not normal. Many experience pain however neglect their feet. See Dr Azarian specialist podiatrist for expert advice.
  • Feet & the Heart 
  • Feet & the Brain Specialist feet treatment
  • Freiberg’s disease – osteonecrosis/ bone death and fracture t 2nd metatarsal bone
  • Fractures – present as bruising, swelling, pain and loss of function
  • Fungal nail infections / onychomycosis
  • Gout in feet
  • Heel pain & heel spurs – heel pain, sharp pain under the heel
  • Hip pain
  • Hot Foot– Burning, numbness and tingling in the foot or toes while cycling- can be due to Morton’s Neuroma. This can be treated conservatively by general Podiatrist Dr Audrey Xie through orthotics or through therapeutic injections / surgical removal of Morton’s Neuroma by Dr Mina Azarian Specialist Podiatrist and Podiatric Surgeon.
  • Knee pain – Can be caused by poor foot alignment or posture
  • Lower back pain – back pain can be due to foot deformities such as bunions or flat feet.
  • Lumps and bumps on feet
  • Metatarsalgia – pain under the ball of the foot is very common and can accompany toe deformities such as bent toes (hammer toes) or bunions. Morton’s neuroma is also a common cause of pain under the ball of the foot. If you have retracted toes, painful stiff big toe joint or a bunion deformity you will benefit from a consultation with our specialist podiatrist and foot surgeon.
  • Nail deformities- thick, deformed and discoloured nails
  • Obesity affects on feet
  • Orthotics- what are orthotics? – custom made therapeutic devices for correcting foot posture and body alignment. Orthopedic insoles
  • Occupational Foot health
  • Pregnancy foot pain – flat feet, sore feet, knee pain, heel pain, fallen arch, ingrown nails. Orthotics treatment
  • Sciatica – nerve pain down the leg
  • Shin Splints
  • Senior’s foot and lower leg problems – burning, numbness, circulation problems, cramping, tired feet, orthopedic problems
  • Sport injuries of the foot and ankle – Ankle sprains and other injuries to the foot can be accurately diagnosed by our foot specialist podiatrist. Don’t delay treatment!
  • Sesamoiditis – pain under big toe joint, turf toe
  • Subungual haematoma – blood under the nail after nail trauma. Sometimes the nail needs to be pierced or removed to relieve the pressure that causes pain. Dr Mina Azarian is specialist Podiatrist (podiatric surgeon) who can perform this nail surgery procedure in her rooms under local anaesthetic.
  • Podiatrist Perth Foot CentreSweaty feet/ hyperhidrosis
  • Smelly feet / foot odour
  • Sprained ankle – pain, swelling or bruising. Ankle sprain treatment by podiatrists involve assessments, diagnosis and prevention of future sprains. Treatment may require orthopaedic inserts
  • Tarsal tunnel syndrome – nerve entrapment, nerve pain at ankle. Numbness or shooting pain inside the ankle and foot. This condition may require treatment by a podiatrist
  • Teenager’s Foot Problems – As the feet undergo final stages of development, teenagers may develop pain. It is important to have these assessed by an experienced foot specialist or podiatrist such as Dr Mina Azarian
  • Tinea / Athlete’s Footitchy fungal infection between toes and on the foot- can also cause fungal nail infections
  • Trauma – injury to the foot that leads to pain, swelling or bruising
  • Tendonitis / Tendon problems – Strain and swelling of tendons that can cause pain with movement. Treatment may require orthopaedic /orthotic inserts
  • Tired fee – can be due to causes that podiatrists can diagnose
  • Turf toe
  • Warts verruca on feet are viral infections of the skin – Dr Azarian is a specialist Podiatrist (foot surgeon) who can surgically remove warts on feet. Other professional wart treatments by our specialist podiatrist are also very effective.
  • Working feet – on feet all day, special footwear requirements such as steel cap boots can place strain on working feet. Our podiatrist can help you get comfort and support in your work shoes to keep you going.

If you need a Podiatrist Perth foot Centre is here for you.

Dr Azarian is currently on leave. Existing patients may contact the clinic via email.