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Flat Feet / Pes Planus

Effect of flet feet on the body alignment and postureDo You Have Flat Feet?

Flat feet, also known as foot pes planus is a common condition. It is characterized by a flattening and collapse of the middle arch. People with flat feet often experience aches and pains with activity or when standing for long periods. Flat feet are very unstable and subject the joints to excessive pressure. They are also associated with heel pain (plantar fasciitis), ankle, knee, hip and lower back pain. If you are experiencing any foot pain call for a consultation with Dr Azarian to see how she can eliminate your pain and prevent further damage to your joints.

Painful flat feet in children require attention and should not be ignored. In some children the little bones in the foot may not have developed properly.

Flat feet can be flexible or rigid and require assessment by a trained health professional such as a podiatrist or foot specialist. Flat feet are also associated with many deformities such as bunions, claw toes, ingrown toe nails and problems of the Achilles and plantar fascia.

Although it is most common for both feet to be flat, it may only affect one foot. In these cases the underlying cause must be established by your foot health professional. One-sided pes planus can be due to leg length difference, a damaged tendon, trauma or other issues relating to leg alignment.

If you are experiencing pain in your joints, it may be due to your foot posture. Dr Azarian is highly skilled and experienced in the assessment, diagnosis and management of flat feet in all ages.

Custom foot orthotics correcting foot posture
Arch support with orthotics

Can You Fix Flat Feet?

The management of flat feet is very successful if it is diagnosed and assessed accurately. In almost all cases, individuals benefit from custom made foot orthotic shoe inserts. Podiatrists are health professionals that undergo extensive university training on foot function who prescribe custom insoles. A fully customized insert for your feet and the type of shoes you wear will be created to give you an instant ‘foot lift’ and arch support.

In some severe cases surgery is required to create better foot posture and eliminate pain.


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