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Foot Surgery

What is Podiatric Surgery?

Mina Ready for Bunion SurgeryPodiatric surgery is a highly specialised field with a focus on feet, similar to orthopedic foot surgery. Podiatric surgeons (also known as surgical podiatrists) spend the entirety of their medical and surgical training on the correction of foot deformities and the effects of systemic conditions on the lower limb. The extensive knowledge of lower limb function and foot deformities make them specialist foot surgeons.

Podiatric surgery is sometimes referred to as cosmetic foot surgery because it involves the removal of unsightly foot deformities such as bunions and straightening hammer toes. But these deformities can cause more than embarrassment, often resulting in pain, loss of function and footwear problems.

At Perth Foot Centre the focus is on you, not just the X-Rays. Dr Azarian’s expert knowledge of foot biomechanics enables her to create cosmetically pleasing results that are also functional.


Day Surgery

Dr Azarian can perform your foot surgery in Perth northern suburbs or southern suburbs as a day case procedure. Day surgery is completed in one day, so you do not need to stay in hospital overnight and can return to the comfort of your own bed and familiar surroundings. Overnight stay is also available if you would like to stay and be looked after by experienced nursing staff.



Dr Azarian At Perth HospitalFoot surgery can be performed under general anaesthetic where you will be unconscious or with local anaesthetic to numb the area while you are placed under conscious sedation (‘twilight’ or IV sedation), or given a tablet that has a relaxing and sedating effect.

If the operation is performed in hospital, you will be seen by a specialist anaesthetist for anaesthesia on the day.

For minor surgeries performed at Perth Foot Centre, such as ingrown toenail removal or wart removal surgery, local anaesthetic is used with the aid of pain relief inhalers or medications to reduce anxiety as needed. You will be advised of the most suitable anaesthetic for you and your procedure.

After foot surgery you will be given full instructions on care. You may require orthopedic shoes or orthopedic/ custom orthotic insoles.


The information provided above is intended as a general guide and does not represent your individual needs. Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner. Call us today for a surgical consultation.

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