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What are Orthotics?Foot Orthotics in Perth

Custom orthotics or custom shoe insoles are therapeutic devices that are prescribed by a Podiatrist or foot specialist. They sit in your shoes under your foot and work by realigning the foot to a position that reduces deformity and promotes normal function. Because custom orthotics are molded to your foot, after a while you will not notice you are wearing them. In fact many of our patients can not be without their orthotics for long once they experience the benefits.

Orthotics can also be referred to as orthopaedic shoe inserts.


Orthotics are made in different sizes and types based on your needs
Orthotics are made in different sizes and types based on your needs

Why Do I Need Orthotics?

The human foot is an extremely complex structure that acts as the foundation of the body. Due to its complex anatomy, it is capable of large changes and compensations throughout our lives. Even the smallest of changes in the foot can lead to poor posture and alignment in the entire body.  Often people think that custom orthotics are just for people with flat feet. This is incorrect. Although orthotics Australia wide are used in the treatment of excessive foot pronation (rolling in/ low arch) they are also used for other foot types such as supinated (rolling out/ high arch) feet.

Custom orthotics can play a big part in the treatment of many foot problems, in fact there are too many to list here.


Knee Pain without Orthotics
Foot posture affect on body alignment

Benefits of Custom Orthotics Australia Wide:

  • Improve or eliminate foot pain
  • Correct foot posture – pronated feet, supinated feet
  • Reduce or prevent deformity
  • Reduce arthritis development
  • Improve body posture
  • Correct leg length differences
  • Prevent skin irritation and dry skin buildup
  • Improve athletic performance
  • Alleviate knee pain
  • Help lower back and hip pain
  • Correct muscle balance
  • Most health funds cover the orthotics cost as part of podiatry cover
  • And much more…


How Do You Make Orthotics?

Dr Azarian is an experienced specialist in the examination and diagnosis of foot problems. Once a thorough assessment of your body and feet is undertaken while walking, standing and non-weight bearing, the foot is captured with our latest technology laser scanner or in plaster. We will then write a detailed prescription of how your orthotic should be made,  in order to correct your foot problem or to provide pain relief.A custom pair of orthotics specific to each foot is then made.

At Perth Foot Centre, we utilise traditional, accurate plaster techniques as well as latest technology laser scanners based on your individual needs. We also use a WA Orthotic laboratory who only work with Podiatrists and Podiatric specialists to provide the best in quality and accuracy.


Custom foot orthotics correcting foot posture
Custom foot orthotics correcting foot posture in our patient

How Long Do Custom Orthotics Last?

If done correctly, custom orthotics are one of the best investments you can make for your health.  They are manufactured in a way that can be adjusted and modified many times to suit your changing feet and to improve comfort. The structural component also known as the shell of the orthotic, can last up to 10 years. Most people get new orthotics every 2-3 years or have different pairs for different type of shoes.


What About the Shoe Insoles From the Pharmacy?

The best analogy that comes to mind when comparing custom and non-custom orthotics,  is that of glasses. You may purchase glasses from the pharmacy, or you may see an optometrist and have prescription glasses made to suit your eyes. Orthotics are the same.

Out of the box, off-the-shelf insoles are not customised to your feet. They are designed to potentially work for millions of people. They work well in some but can exacerbate or create foot problems in others. They often lose their strength and ability to support your body weight after a few weeks or months, this makes them a much more expensive option in the long run.

There are however different types of higher quality insoles that are pre-made and available to podiatrists. There is some research to suggest that they can be effective and are used by many podiatrists and Podiatric specialists. This type of orthtoic allows for changes and some customisation to be made by your foot health professional.  They can be used initially to see if orthotics would benefit you. They are also often used in young children who go through rapid growth.

Most health funds cover custom orthotics Australia wide as part of Podiatry cover. Some covers allow for a new pair every year. Please contact your health fund for more details.


Want More Information?

Download our PDF guides about orthotics:

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